On May 22, 2019, we’ll host our second summit in New Hampshire. This summit will be unique from our other summits as it will consist of four small group conversations moderated by other New Hampshire pastors.

We will meet at Christ Community Church, 727 S Stark Hwy in Weare, NH.

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Rhythms for Sustained Gospel Ministry

Running the course of ministry set before us requires endurance. But how do we minister with joy and hope even when ministry in the small places can leave us feeling isolated, frustrated, and beleaguered? Small Town Summits will be hosting a conversation on rhythms that sustain gospel ministry on May 22nd. Join with other pastors and church staff members from around New Hampshire as we come together for a time of self-examination and mutual encouragement to foster healthy, fruitful, and lasting ministry in the places to which God has called us.


  • 9 – 9.30am - Arrival and registration

  • 9:30 – 10am - Welcome, singing, and vision

  • 10 – 11am - Session #1

  • 11 – 12am - Session #2

  • 12 – 1pm - Lunch

  • 1 – 2pm - Session #3

  • 2 – 3pm - Session #4

  • 3 – 3.30pm - Holding Tight to Christ




Holding Tight to Your Calling Long Term

Can you envision yourself sustained with joy for 30 years in New Hampshire ministry?  There are foundational truths and disciplines which provide motivation to endure for the long haul as happy warriors.  Part of our discussion will address the thieves of delights that rob pastors.   Ideally we’ll leave this discussion with gospel true motivations and perhaps some strategies that will feed our long term devotion.

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Investing in Family as Foundational for Ministry

Strong marriages undergird faithful ministry while untended marriages can sow the seeds of failed ministry. Whether married or not, our attentiveness to the fact that God said it was not good for Adam to be alone matters to fulfillment of our calling. This session will discuss how attentiveness to our marriages and family shape a resilient ministry.



Cultivating Deep Relationships

“No man is an island.”  We know this to be true. We know we need gospel-centered friendships. We know we need brothers to encourage us. But pastoring in a rural setting can often leave us feeling isolated and discouraged. This doesn’t have to be our reality. One of God’s gracious gifts to us are fellow brothers laboring in rural places. Let’s talk about how we can cultivate some needed friendships and encourage one another to run our race with perseverance. 

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Cultivating Healthy Rhythms of Work and Rest

The work God has called us to is important. But from time to time, the best thing we can do for the Lord, is stop the working and rest. In this session, we will have a conversation about what our life looks like when we are not shepherding the flock and what it might look like to establish healthy rhythms of rest.