Bible Training

STS Bible Training for Women

God is at work in the small places of New England. Over the past couple of years Small Town Summits has hosted small, local events across New England with the goal of encouraging and equipping pastors and laypeople, men and women, ministering in the small places where resources may be limited. 

God is also at work among women. The recent influx of books, articles, and resources geared towards women, shows a desire among this particular audience to grow as ministers of the gospel in the context God has placed them in. This desire is also felt among the women of the small places. Yet, while there are great resources being provided, such as conferences and trainings, these events rarely make it outside of major urban centers. This makes it difficult for the women of small places to participate because of distance, logistics, and the cost that comes with it. 

In response to this need, Small Town Summits recently offered the first “Small Town Summits Bible Training for Women” event. On September 21st over 70 women from across New England gathered in Pembroke, New Hampshire to be encouraged and equipped to study God’s Word.

The event kicked off with Emma Witmer establishing the necessity and sufficiency of God’s Word in gospel ministry. Women were reminded that God will do His work through His Word when we allow it to be central in our ministry.

Over the course of the day, Olivia Ruhl and Emma focused on various tools to study God’s Word. Women were taught structure, genre, and historical background as well as the inductive method of Bible study to help shape the way they approach God‘s word. Women had the opportunity to practice these skills together, as they walked through the book of Philippians.

The day closed with a discipleship focus. Olivia led the women to think through what it might look like to lead others in studying and discussing the Word, as the goal of the event was not only to benefit those personally attending, but those back home in their churches as well.

Whether in women’s ministry, one-on-one discipling, youth group, children’s ministry, or side the home, women were encouraged and equipped to be ministers of God’s Word in the various settings he has called them to serve in. God is working in the small places of New England and he is working through ordinary people, like these seventy women, to do his work.