Small-town/rural New England pastors, lay leaders, and Christian workers, here’s an initiative designed for you, located close to you, and meant to learn from you.


Small Town Summits are small, local, affordable gatherings of Christians who long for God’s glory to spread throughout the small places of New England. We welcome pastors and lay leaders, men and women. Partnering with The Gospel Coalition New England, our Summits provide support, training, encouragement, and connection for New England churches beyond the urban centers.

Much of New England lies beyond the cities. Therefore, to reach this region for Christ many gospel workers must minister in the small places. We want to encourage and equip these faithful ministers. We don’t disdain the big conferences in the big cities with the well-known speakers (we attend and benefit from them). But our Summits are a bit different. We intend to go small: small conferences in small places for small-town Christian workers.

In common parlance, the term ‘summit’ describes a gathering of leaders for the purpose of making significant decisions. Our Summits gather pastors and ministry leaders within a State or region. We learn from one another as we pray and plan for gospel advance. We worship together, eat together, talk together, learn together, and pray together.

The goal of Small Town Summits is to see the small places of New England filled with healthy, missional, gospel-centered churches and Christian workers, for the glory of God.

‘Small Town Summits are gatherings for small-town pastors and ministry leaders, by small-town pastors and ministry leaders.’

Small Town Summits Articles

STS Articles is a place for current and future small-place pastors and lay leaders to find thoughtful, theologically-rich equipping and encouragement.

Future Small Town Summits

If you’re a pastor or ministry leader in a small town or rural area of New England, we’d love you to join us for an upcoming Small Town Summit in your state. You’ll have an opportunity to connect with and learn from others who long to see the gospel of Jesus Christ spread throughout your region. To learn more about upcoming events, please sign up for our newsletter or click below.

Western/Central Massachusetts

We are planning a Small Town Summit in western/central Massachusetts on Saturday, October 19, 2019 in partnership with the Moody Center. To learn more about this event, please click below.

STS: Bible Training for Women

Join other women on March 21st to be encouraged and equipped in studying the Bible for yourself and helping others to do the same. To learn more about this event, please click below.

Connecticut and Rhode Island

We are excited to announce that in 2020 we will be hosting small town summits in Connecticut and Rhode Island. To stay in the loop as things develop, please click below.

Past Summits

Get a sense of who we are by seeing where we’ve been. We’re grateful for those who gather with us to consider what God is doing in the small places of New England and how we can together labor for the advance of the Kingdom in this part of the world. Celebrate with us our past Small Town Summits.